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Naasicaa Larsen

As an artist I am drawn to the companionship we form with the objects that we hold close. As a jeweller I have the privilege to initiate precious conversations. Items of jewellery are objects of high concentration—they collect stories, becoming layered with meaning and over time they become part of us. The part that I play is only a beginning and I am honoured if you recognise a seed of yourself in the objects I make. Jewellery is reciprocal in nature, reflecting and projecting those who wear, make, give and view. There is so much joy in these connections—even long lasting friendships—just give them time.

My background is in both art and design with a Bachelor of Arts (Gold and Silversmithing) as well as a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) from RMIT. This has lead me to work with many mediums and forms over the years, using my design training to focus ideas and stories while finding inspiration and flexibility in the language of art. Recently I find myself returning repeatedly to metal as my main medium and often to jewellery as a powerful conceptual form.

My practice is an amalgamation of the conceptual and the tangible—the immediate and the everlasting, constantly inspired by time, poetry, narrative, material and play.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a commission, collaboration, purchase or exhibition opportunity.

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