About Real Job Studios

Real Job is a co-op studio and sometimes retail space located in Melbourne’s East Brunswick at 5 Nicholson Street, just around the corner from Green Park Dining, and three doors south of Carolina.

Created by two of Melbourne’s hardest working jewelers, Kim Victoria and Fiona Simmons, Real Job is one of Melbourne’s most bejeweled studio spaces. Kim designed the interior with a simple goal in mind,

‘I wanted a space that felt aesthetically cohesive and allowed multiple artists to occupy it. Real Job is a functional studio with a flexible retail and gallery space that allows our customers a glimpse inside our working environment.’

The stunning studio space is named for the trio’s very clear but simple collective ambition, which is that their creative work to be their real, full time job.

The dynamic space can be rearranged to accommodate Fiona Simmons’ silver ring making workshops, jewellers benches, and a show room open via appointment, offering people the opportunity to buy directly from the makers, and to see where their one-off pieces are made.